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Quran teachers for sisters

Dear sisters if you  want a female Quran tutor for yourself then don’t worry at all. LearnQuranLK is here to teach you Quran recitation from females. We know the main free trialreason of having classes from a female tutor is that you feel comfortable and don’t hesitate and that is the only condition required for effective and quick learning.Therefore LearnQuranLK is trying to spread knowledge of Quran among you from female Quran tutors online. Now it is very easy for you to learn Quran from a female Quran tutor from the comfort of your home.

Our female Quran teachers are very proficient and hardworking. They are very trauned for Online Quran Learning.  They are friendly to you and also you daughters.  They are also expert in tajweed and tarteel of Quran. You can adjust the timing of your online Quran lesson whenever and wherever you want. Our female Quran tajweed tutors are present round the clock to serve you.


Benifits Of Online Quran Learning For Girls & Women

  • Online Islamic Academy for girls and women where they can learn Quran, read Quran online, learn Quran with Tajweed, learn proper Holy Quran recitation and memorize Masnoon Islamic Dua’s.
  • These courses are done by qualified females (Hafizul Quran)mahram Gurenteed
  • Muslims in charge of online Quran reading courses
  • Affordable fee package for online Quran courses for girls and women
  • Live Quran classes on one to one basis i.e. you have an exclusive online Quran teacher for your self
  • Convenience of timing for learning Quran online at your own choice
  • Uncomplicated Quran learning online while staying at home
  • Usage of high quality multimedia and interactive software
  • Availability of online Quran scholar 24/7
  • No traveling or driving hassle to Mosque or nearby Islamic center

Online Read Quran Course For Ladies Class Fees


Classes Per Week
Classes Per Month
SriLanka Fee
USA/Canada (Europe)
Middle East
100 Riyal
30 Min
135 Riyal
30 Min
165 Riyal
30 Min
200 Riyal
30 Min



Do you live in a country where it is difficult to reach the Mosque or Islamic center daily for learning the Holy Quran? Are you interested in Quran study? Then this is the right place to begin with. At LearnQuranLK.Com, We have experienced and qualified female online Quran tutors who make , learning the Holy Koran and Quran recitation for girls and women hassle free. Our online Quran tutors for females are engaged in providing Online Quran courses in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and many more countries Insha Allah.The in depth reading of Quran and learning of Holy Quran Thajweed is only possible when you have the support of some person who is a Hafiz Ul Quran or Quran Scholar. And this can be obtained online from us. At LearnQuranLK.Com, we provide online learning Holy Quran courses for women and girls in North America, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and many more Insha Allah …Join Today for our Online Quran Courses:

Holy Quran Learning For Women & Girls

The role of ladies in learning the Holy Quran Thajweed is vital as they have to look after their kids and teach them how to recite the Holy Quran (Koran). At LearnQuranLK.Com our focus is Muslim girls and Islamic women, so we have arrangement of best female Quran scholars to teach Quran recitation to Islamic women and girls. We provide Quran learning for women and girls of all age with proper Thajweed so that they may learn Quran in comfort at home. Our lady Quran tutor is available all the time so you can decide the time for reading Quran online with the help of Quran tutor. We emphasize on making the learning of Quran recitation and Quran language easy for you.


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    assalamu alaikum i am srilankan but i am living in midle east how much fees i have to pay

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