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As a Muslim it is our duty to learn Holy Quran properly and teach Holy Quran to children. At LearnQuranLK, These Courses are conducted by femle qualified quran tutors in English & Tamil Lanquages. we provide the convenience to learn Quran for kids by mahram Gurenteedproviding Quran Courses for kids. With the help of Allah almighty, we provide the comfort to learn Holy Quran at home for kids. Your Mosque can be far and you face difficulty in driving kids to the Mosque for Quran learning. That’s where online Quran learning for children helps.  At LearnQuranLK, you have the benefit of Quran learning Classes for kids at home. Our Quran learning courses and kids online Quran courses run 24/7 and we provide you the opportunity to learn Quran online at the time specified by you. Holy Quran learning for children will start from Qaida (Arabic letter forms, pronunciation, word formation, rules) then when the children are enable to read Qaida properly we will proceed for Quran learning. We provide you best Quran Classes for kids. Our online Quran courses for kids include Quran recitation course, Quran Tajweed course, Quran memorization and Dua memorization course.

registerThrough our online Quran classes for kids we will make the Holy Quran for kids easy to learn. Because it’s one to one classes by Quran tutor, so the children can learn Holy Quranfree trial easily and comfortably. The Holy Quran teacher can correct their mistakes in our  Quran classes online  and teach Quran online with adjusting according to requirements of each individual child. The pace and style of kids learning online may vary so we adjust it according to each child. We encourage you to provide us input and feedback about your kids learning Quran online.

In Read Quran course for children we enable children to learn Quran with proper recitation. If your child is a beginner then we will start from basic Quran Qaida then when the child is able to understand the Arabic letters and word formation then we will proceed with proper Quran learning. But if your child level of Quran learning is better and she knows about Quran reading we will start from proper Quran recitation. Learn More about Quran recitation course for children. Our registration of Quran courses for children is FREE and you can have 1 Day FREE Trial.

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  1. Hasna says:

    Do you have skype quran classes for 12 year old girls. We live in colombo.

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